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We are a group of independent marketing, communication and digital specialists. We team up to create Supercels; the most efficient and effective combination of expertise to accelerate your business and branding. Or, as we like to call it: Brandventures.

Pragmatic approach
Professional partnerships

Please scroll down to find out more about Supercel and our services. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact marco@supercelbrandventures.nl.


Creating unique propositions, expanding market share, anticipating on new market developments, promoting innovation, upholding relevance, supervising a univocal brand message, exploring and capitalizing on new opportunities. For most companies these are familiair challenges, regardless of their branch. All of these business challenges often share the same questions and observations involving their sales pitch and brand policy… an interesting adventure is unfolding, a Brandventure.

That’s where we come in. We are a group of independent specialists, representing years of experience in the fields of in marketing, business strategy, business development, online management, brand development and creative communication. For each assignment we assemble the necessary disciplines to take on your Brandventure in the most efficient and effective manner. From the beginning the goal of this Supercel is clear, taking your business and brand further!

We would like to tell you more about our approach and cases, but we prefer doing so over a cup of coffee or a nice glass of wine, just which mood or time of the day suits you well. Please contact: marco@supercelbrandventures.nl


A brandventure is ideally shaped by combining different disciplines by different specialists, a Supercel. An overview of our joint services:

Marketing services
Market research. We scan, investigate and compare your needs
Marketing- and sales strategy. We develop and deliver useful strategies

Branding services
Brandscans. We scan, investigate and compare your brand awareness
Brand strategies. We develop and deliver the right story
Design. We create designs for logo’s, websites and everything else imaginable 
Copywriting. We capture and deliver the right tone of voice for your company

Business development services
Try-out sales services. We target, approach and sell what we preach
Partner deal making. We scan, approach and close lucrative partnerships

Online result services
Online marketing & content strategy. Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Adwords optimisation, google analytics, Conversion Rate Optimisation. We analyse, give advice, implement, monitor and create growth

Important to know! What we believe are our USP’s:

  1. We are no agency, but a network of professionals
  2. We offer ad-interim solutions to kickstart projects
  3. We help to seek for profitable deals or partnerships
  4. We dare to invest and truly co-create


Supercel arose from the needs of our individual customers, our mutually reinforcing specialties and finally, our long-lasting friendships. Prior to Supercel we have co-created on numerous occasions helping companies achieve growth as a brand and online.

Marco Bos (founder & connector)
Specialties: Ad-interim general management, marketing specialist, business development and team building.

More info: Forestco, LinkedIn

Arnout Hellemans (Online Markethink)
Specialties: Online marketing, SEO, SEM, Adwords optimisation, google analytics, CRO.

More info: Online Markethink, LinkedIn

Bryan Benninga (Work of Bryan)
Specialties: Marketing specialist, brand builder, brainstorm & workshop facilitator.

More info: Work of Bryan, LinkedIn

Roland Tielman (Westerlingen)
Specialties: Branding, communications, art-direction and design. Business partner of Maarten.

More info: Westerlingen

Maarten Klep (Westerlingen)
Specialties: Brand strategy, communications and copywriting. Business partner of Roland.

Background info: Westerlingen

Each project we can decide to co-create with other specialists, just what is needed for the specific assignment. We also offer a lot of other disciplines like photographers, copywriters, web designers, PR- and media specialists.


Stayci Serviced Apartments. Comfortable stay, true city life.

Creating a new brand in hospitality services. Stayci offers unique, serviced city apartments available for shortterm rental in various European cities. Project involved creating a new name (Stayci), mission statement, brand story, slogan, website and all communication tools. A.i. marketing and projectmanagement assignment carried out by Marco Bos in collaboration with Supercel Team members.

Marketing & brand strategy/copy/projectmanagement: Marco Bos
Brand & logo identity/design/artwork: Roland Tielman and Maarten Klep
Seo/online marketing: Arnout Hellemans

FG Hospitality Group. Browse. Book. Feel Good.

Since 2007 FG Hospitality Group offers Short stay apartment rental opportunities in some of Europe’s finest travel destinations. FG operates more than 20 apartment booking websites operating globally, for example amsterdamapartments.com, romeapartments.com and shortstay-apartment.com

Creating a brand (mission, vision, brand story, slogan, website and communication tools) for the group and repositioning all booking websites with new logo’s, design, websites and customer journey. A.i. marketing and projectmanagement assignment carried out by Marco Bos in collaboration with Supercel Team members.

Marketing & brand strategy/copy/projectmanagement: Marco Bos
Logo design/artwork: Joost van Dorst (joostvandorst.nl)
Seo/online marketing/customer journey: Arnout Hellemans


Zorgvilla Oud Clingendael. Optimaal welbevinden.

Zorgvilla Oud Clingendael was developed by one of the first providers of private residential care in the Netherlands. Since 1978 Zorgvilla Oud Clingendael offers a home for elderly people who require complex care such as dementia care. Oud Clingendael opened a new location in Wassenaar and the management decided it was time to re-develop the corporate’s identity.

Project involved a brand scan, new logo, corporate identity and a new website.

Brand strategy/copy/projectmanagement: Marco Bos
Logo design/website design/artwork: Roland Tielman
Photography: Rik Braune


These are a few examples from our Supercel portfolio. We will add more projects shortly from past clients like ECM, Citco, Sitly, KYBOE !, CarePortal, Vineo and Plaatz.
If you would like to view more cases ( personal or co-creation) please visit our websites (browse ‘Team’ section).

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